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FC Aarau 2004 - 2004

The transfer to Aarau may both be seen as a misunderstanding and a failure. In September 2004, after training some weeks with Winterthur, David Sesa accepted the offer of a two-year contract by Aarau. Though the official deadline for foreign players to transfer to Switzerland had already expired on August 30, 2004.

Sesa’s former employer in Napoli, where the player still had a valid working contract, had just gone bankrupt. Considering that Sesa found himself unintentionally unemployed, Aarau suggested the Swiss Football Association grant him special permission. However, on the 30th September 2004, the Swiss Football Association denied it to Sesa, as regulations allowed for special permissions only to players who found themselves unintentionally unemployed while being in Switzerland.

As a consequence, Aarau took legal action against this decision through the club. The action failed and so it was decided that the decision would be appealled to the Commercial Court of the city of Aarau. On October 19th 2004, about a month after signing the contract with the club, the Commercial Court passed an interim injunction reported by fax to the Football Association where it ordered that David Sesa be qualified in the next 24 hours. On Sunday, the 24 of October 2004, David Sesa started off in the league match against Lugano, which was won by Aarau on penalties.

In the meantime, other problems arose, such as misunderstandings among the players, as well as disagreements between Sesa and the coach Andy Egli about the player’s role on the field and on the team. As a consequence, Sesa only played 118 minutes in the Championship. Instead of finalizing his two-year contract with Aarau, David Sesa decided to abandon the team on the 13th of December 2004, undergoing considerable economic losses.

Statistics - FC Aarau

Season Division Games Goals
Sept. 2004 - Dez. 2004 A 3 0