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SPAL Ferrara 2005 - 2008

After a brief experience at Palazzolo, in January 2006 David Sesa went to Società Polisportiva Ars et Labor 1907, best known as SPAL Ferrara, a team which was then performing in the Italian Serie C2. Several famous players are linked to this club such as Fabio Capello, Luigi Del Neri, Matteo Ferrari, Carlo Mazzone, Sergio Pellisier, Edi Reja, and Alberto Bigon.

SPAL had played in the C1 until 2005. Due to some accounting irregularities, the team was forced to move down to the C2, where it stayed until 2008. After placing 8th in 2006 and 3rd in 2007, it reached the 4th position in the Championship 2008 ranking.

David Sesa, the then captain, played at SPAL Ferrara for three years and scored 20 goals in 76 league games.

Statistics - SPAL Ferrara

Season Division Games Goals
2007 / 08 Serie C2 29 7
2006 / 07 Serie C2 32 9
2006 - 06 Serie C2 15 6